The hunt for a project management platform

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Behold the beauty…


Our considerations

  • Small team
  • Minimal costs
  • Small projects, usually all project tasks are assigned to the same individual.

Finding Nemo

I started out, as most of us do, with a quick google. The search results came up with many “top ten” type lists (some of which were sponsored), however, I was finding it difficult to focus on particular platforms. As it is always ever helpful, I turned to Quora to try my luck. Bingo! Post after post from others who were also looking for project management tools. It was perfect, and I relied heavily upon the information in Quora to help narrow down the promising platforms.

Taking them out for a test drive

I signed up for free trials like there was no tomorrow, I ended up with accounts for:

  • Wrike –
  • Redbooth –
  • Bitrix24 –
  • daPulse – Loved the UI.
  • ProofHub – Didn’t spend much time in the product, they REALLY hard-sell you, totally put me off. After signing up for the trial, I had people calling my office the very next day! Then followed numerous annoying emails trying to push case studies and white papers–just not a pleasant experience.
  • Kanban – I had high hopes for this one, as it had been recommended to me by a colleague. In the end, it seemed geared toward large projects with lots of moving parts. I also could not look beyond the amateurish UI.
  • Asana –
  • Twoodoo –

I also had prior experience with other tools that I knew wouldn’t make the cut:

  • Basecamp – To early to the game.
  • Trello – I remember it being confusing. The focus seemed to be on the task stages rather than the tasks themselves.
  • Siasto – Seemed promising years ago, but I remember it being limited (and that was testing it out for personal use, let alone a whole team).
  • Jira – Way way way overkill for us.

The winner?


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